Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Resilient Rochester Vol. 1

I promised something on the Resilient Rochester feature section of the Sunday Democrat & Chronicle and today I intend to deliver. Luckily many of these stories are magazine-like in nature and do not carry with them time relevance like you see on development news. As I thought about how to present such a wide array of news, I began to think about the prospect of dead links or subscription only links in the future. Interestingly, the story about home assessments linked to in Urban News Vol. 1 still works as a link so I will do three things:

First, I will create a simplified link archive to the special section. Second, I will cherry pick and dig deeper into the stories which deal specifically with city businesses. The overall feature was overarching and took a regional approach. I, as is the theme of the blog, choose not to, but I'm not so ignorant as to dismiss positive suburban economic development as bad for the city/county simply because it is suburban. Third and lastly, I will post on the things only present in the hard copy such as the real estate outlook and statistics/graphs.

Resilient Rochester
30 year growth in personal income shows area's ability to remake economy

"Say what you will about the downsizings at those companies, but their legacies can be seen in smaller businesses throughout the region and are a big reason Rochester remains upstate's most powerful economic force."

-Steve Sink - Business Editor


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