Friday, May 9, 2008

Urban News Vol. 17

A short one today courtesy of RNews.

City to Replace Old, Faded Signs
by Seth Voorhees, RNews

Article Key Points:
  • City to replace faded downtown color-coded directional signs with a new set with color coding based on quadrants
  • Signs will direct to over two dozen locations
  • Installation to begin in June with completion by end of summer

Many will say this isn't news, but I've latched onto it because it reminds me of Pittsburgh's Wayfinder system which has proven largely successful by color coding geographic regions rather than individual attractions. I've also used this news to acclimate myself to the use of Google Docs as a way to present embedded infrastructural and architectural proposals in slide format. Here is Bruce Cridlebaugh of's quick Wayfinder tutorial.

In closing, don't forget the Southeast Clean Sweep tomorrow morning meeting at Cobb's Hill Park. If you want to join me and some Harris colleagues, we are meeting at the company parking lot at 1680 University Ave. before carpooling over. Also the Rochester New Urbanism meetup will be attending the RRCDC lecture by Richard Bernhardt on Tuesday night on Prince Street. Click through to the meetup for more info.

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