Thursday, October 15, 2009

Urban News Vol. 51a

Significant details are expected to be announced today regarding the reuse project at Midtown Tower. There will likely be more to report this afternoon so keep an eye out for installment 51b possibly later today or tomorrow morning.

by Brian Sharp, Rochester Democrat & Chronicle

Article Key Points:
  • Midtown Tower is the only structure in the six-building Midtown complex that will be saved
  • Two development teams - Harmony Group and Christa/Morgan still vie for selection
  • A $4M state grant application has been endorsed by City Council independent of developer choice
  • Harmony's proposal would preserve much of the facade while Christa would retain only the skeleton
  • Harmony would offer only rental housing while Christa would make condos available on upper floors

While I would have also liked to see the B. Forman Building (Peebles) spared the ultimate indignity (the last properly proportioned retail building on Clinton Avenue), the energy conserved through preservation of the 18-story tower is significant and officials should be applauded for some amount of consciousness whatever the motivation.

Also here's a quickie on money earmarked for Geva Theatre exterior renovations. The 1868 former Naval Armory is facing deterioration of roofing and masonry.

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