Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Urban News Vol. 66

An awful going on today in the local transit/development world. Unfortunately I do not have the time required to expound in great detail on all of the topics.

by Matthew Daneman, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Hopefully there are no plans to reinstitute any 'skyways' that get taken down. The state budget impasse unfortunately takes on additional importance to downtown developers.

by Brian Sharp, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Mark IV's last public attempt to sway city council before tonight's vote (if interested in attending and speaking, this portion of the meeting begins at 8PM). Next efforts are likely litigation. I am not in favor of a Corn Hill Landing copy in that location (certainly no large automobile zone for frontage!), nor a Stone Street punch-through for what its worth. Ultimately, I'm not sure how serious this really is, and to bring it up now is way too late.

by Brian Sharp, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Unlike the Fastrac debacle at Union and Main, Planning refuses to rubber stamp something variant from master plan mandated code.

Jon Campbell, Gannett Albany Bureau

An agreement was recently reached allowing the state to build passenger tracks within 30 feet of existing CSX trackage in certain practical instances, exceptions to an odd exclusion zone agreed upon earlier. Here's an idea, give CSX a tax break that allows them to be more competitive with trucking and airlines, or credits for adding capacity, and they're likely to build two passenger-only tracks in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost.

by David Andreatta, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

This was the only real logical choice. Hopefully no additional parking facility will have to be built due to the underground Midtown structure. I like the look so far, especially along the restored Cortland Street running along the west side of the new theater. Do I think the auditorium is in dire need of replacing? No. However, if they are going to do this, it should be done properly.

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