Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Breaking with Tradition a Third Time

I don't have anything today that could be described as 'news,' but I would like to comment on a very interesting D&C piece as well as herald some of the community activism calendar for the remainder of July.

On the story in today's paper, I absolutely love painted brick advertisements from the past. Contemporary ones are great as well, don't get me wrong, but I deeply wish that more building owners would follow the Michaels-Stern lead and renew these works of art through a simple repainting. I wonder what it would take to create a city-wide art project along these lines. Any ideas?

by David Andreatta, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

On the Calendar:

Reconnect Rochester will be holding their second meeting of the month next Tuesday at the Design Center in order to continue to identify key short and medium-term objectives. A good amount was accomplished on this front on Monday. If you'd like to get involved, please send me ideas for objectives our transit group in the areas of Education/Outreach and Active Advocacy and I will put them before the braintrust.

RTS will be holding a Customer Town Meeting next Thursday the 22nd at the Gates Town Hall, Annex Meeting Room, 1605 Buffalo Rd from 6pm-8pm. Buses that service this location: 3B Lyell/Westmar & 9 Jay/Maple.

July Critical Mass will take place Friday the 30th. Meet at the Liberty Pole at 6PM.

Finally, a pair of fragments. RGRTA has released their 2010-2011 Comprehensive Plan. And kudos to Harris RF Communications Division who, in honor of their 50th anniversary, will be sponsoring a Habitat for Humanity house to be built at 56 Grape Street in old Dutchtown. Ground will be broken next week!


Anonymous said...

here's some news:

Bob and Tia said...

Thanks A. I caught this last night on YNN. Seems creating a parking lot at the expense of real urban fabric passes as development these days. I'll address this along with some new Inner Loop infill info tomorrow.

In the meantime, the New York Museum of Transportation is holding a 'Trolleys at Twilight' event tonight from 4-10. Operating Philadelphia & Western interurban trolleys, the NYMT is the only organization in New York preserving and operating this technology.